Monday, July 27, 2009


so my man called me a hoe yesterday.

NO not like yall think lol. we were being silly and it kinda slipped out and although most women may have been like "hoe?!" i just immediately burst into laughter.

we had just finished a blunt so i was spraying air freshener and he says, "what are you spraying?"

me: air freshener. duh.

him: light a incense hoe.

his face was priceless! like "oooops!" before he could even get his apology out i was dying laughing like "you just called me a hoe!"

then he started laughing too like "im so sorry, it just slipped out, i didnt mean it like that babe i swear..."

so i waved my hand like "boy stop. i know you were just bein playful, im not mad i promise. you see me laughin rite?"

i just got him back later.

*put my hand down his pants*

"woman, are you molesting me?"

"bitch i might be."



Unknown said...

See, that's what I like about you B, more women should be able to take a joke. Not everything needs to be turned into a huge drama fest. Sometimes shit is just funny. Now if he's calling you a hoe and putting yo ass on the corner while smacking you upside your head, then you might want to get a little pissed. Otherwise lighten the hell up.

Bella said...

lol yes exactly. now if that slipped out during an argument or he mumbled the shit walkin away after one, THEN we'd be havin some problems lol but we play all the time anyways- call eachother "punk beetch" n "mudafucka" n whatnot... i think if u can play w/ur girl friends like that then u should be able to play w/ur man like that too.

Adrienne Nycole said...

that is terribly cute :) only yo ass would have a story like this lmao

Krissy said...

I've never been one to play with my female friends like that. I just never thought it was cute, " hey bitch!" "Wassup hoe!" " what it do trick." I just don't associate myself with those things even playfully specially not with other chicks. I don't mind when other people do it with their friends tho. It just at what point does it stop being a joke and start being serious? I mean if you laugh at it when it's "meant to be funny" when someone is being serious does it then offend you? ( not you persa and I'm not speaking on you and your guy. I'm speaking more so on when it's between chicks)

Ava Dior said...

bitch i might be.

you're an asshole.
i loves it.

that reminds me of when 5 star bitch came on and i said to the ex "babe am i your five star bitch?"

"nah babe you got way more stars than that"

"you're supposed to say im not a bitch! hahahahahaha"

hilarious. ppl cant be all uptight all the time, it gives you wrinkles.

Bella said...

@adrienne: hehe thanks :) we dont have sense lol

@krissy: i know its a joke based on how long i've known the person and their tone of voice when they say it. i dont think its anything to get upset about. only time i dont like it is if someone i dont know very well thinks they can greet me like "hey bitch." umm i dont know YOU like that, fall back. lol but people im close with, i dont mind. i've never had a friend call me a "bitch" or "trick" during an argument or disagreement- its always said playfully.

Bella said...

@ava: lol! girl i keep hearing of this 5 star bitch shit and honestly, im lost lmao... is it a song? yall can laugh at me for not knowing (or commend me? im not sure which lol) im bout to google it when i get home lol

love ya BITCH. lmao

achoiceofweapons said...

I'm glad you guys love each other! 8)

Unknown said...

When my wife and I started dating, we went and saw a movie called Chasing Amy, theres a scene in it when the girl pages the guy and he calls her back with the quickness. She answers his call 'You are such my bitch'. To this day, wifey and I use that line on each other. Just one of those shared memories that reminds us of who we are and what we've been through.

But yeah, if I said that shit when I was pissed, it's a whole nuther story.

dearly beloved. said...

i adore your relationship.:)

Bri said...

That was cute!

Nikki said...


simone_dior said...

LMMFAO, I LOVE IT!! hahaaaaa