Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mi vida

oh shit i think this is my second post in a week! maybe?

anyway i have some random updates/nonsense i just feel like talking about...

okay first, im broke. but what else is new? i think i forgot to mention that the job my man found a couple months ago turned about to be some ol' bullshit commission fuckery. so he's still looking. i'm still looking. don't get me wrong i am grateful to have a job, it just isnt the job for me. AT ALL. it's robotic, simple, doesn't challenge my brain whatsoever. i feel like i've lost IQ points just working there for as long as i have. if they paid me halfway decent i might be able to deal with that. BUT they don't. my paycheck is an even bigger joke after that 10% salary cut they made and then to only get paid once a month fuckin suuuuucks.

i just wish out of all these jobs i applied to, SOMEBODY will call me for an interview soon. my resume is pretty damn good so i don't understand what the problem is. i guess there really aren't many places hiring right now *sigh* NOW i believe people when they say "i can't find a job." i used to suck my teeth and think "yeah okay, surrrre..." but searching myself has given me a reality check. shit truly is fucked up out here. but enough complaining, we are doing what we can do and we just have to keep on doing it.

i have my moments every now and then but at the end of the day i know it could be worse. yeah my bills are behind, but not to the point where shit is getting disconnected. the rent is paid, the lights are on, i have heat, water, food... shit even cable and internet which isn't even a necessity. it's hard stretching money and making dollars to magic tricks to keep it that way but like i said, it could be worse. and i'm thankful that it isn't.

i have beautiful, loving, crazy children to remind me what life is all about. and i have a man who... well he's just the shit. i don't know another way to put it. if yall knew how he was from day one up until now.... ooowhee. drastic change, for the better. i dont have time to get into our history right now but we've come a long way. i never expected to honestly but life is crazy and everything does happen for a reason. he helps me in every way he is capable and i'm in a state of contentment and happiness i have never known in my life. he also does music and recently wrote a song about strong women (good mothers, going to school, taking care of their kids, etc.) and told me it was dedicated to me. today he told me to call his phone and it was my ringtone :) it feels good to be appreciated, and in the form of a song at that lol.

ohhh i also have a great story about karma. i love that bitch.

i got a phone call from my bd's brother-in-law last week a day or two before christmas. he said that my bd called collect (apparently he's been in jail for months *shrugs* i didnt know and could care less) and gave him my phone number to call me and ask if i would DO HIM A FAVOR. i laughed immediately. i was like "a what? hahahaha yeah right." well his brother-in-law wasn't privy to the situation so i made a long story short and ran it down to him about how he volunteered to pay for daycare, let it get 3 months behind, paid less than half of it and told me i need to pay the rest because "we're not friends i don't do you favors." and when i asked him to just pay the rest of what he owed and go on about his life, his response was "fuck you."..... so he was like "ooooh wow. thats crazy. do you know what he wanted you to do?" i told him to humor me. well how bout this piece of shit wanted me to go to the police station, sign a release for his property so they would give me his $1280 and expected me to use it to bond him out.


i said "you know what? you can tell him the last thing he said to me. tell him i said: we're not friends, i don't do you favors and fuck you."

merry christmas to him! i hope he enjoyed that room temperature prison eggnog :)


ahhh... now let me go kick it with my baby. yall have a safe and happy new year!!


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Karma can be a bad bitch indeed. But honestly people who do fucked up shit usually have fucked up shit happen to him, this wont be the last time you hear of him having bogus shit happen to him....he is just a screwed up individual it seems. Hope the job thing turns around, I been looking for work ALL year, i am doing ok working as a sub, but I dont have babies and rent to pay so hopefully the tide will turn for the new really is hard to find a job though

Happy New Year!


I feel you on the job search! I been lookin myself for almost a year! AND I have a college degree..smh. Hang in there! (That's what I keep telling myself :D lol) But on to the BD thing.. L-M-F-A-O! You betta than me! I woulda said SURE went n signed out his 1280 & kept that shit for the back childcare he never paid...although, Karma is a maybe not, but hell, it woulda been funny to see him in jail AND be broke when he came out lol but I commend you! You did/said the right thing to his brother-in-law because alas...he gets what he deserves..& that my friend AINT SHIT! lol

achoiceofweapons said...

Well you could have gone and took the money considering he owed it anyway and left him there. At least he has his money! What a Weenie he is.

Glad you didn't stoop low!