Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Fuckery

Happy New Year! (5 days late. oh well.)

My New Year's Eve was.... eh. First, I agreed to watch two of my daughter's friends for the WEEKEND (which begins on Friday night, right?) but then one of the girl's mother asked if they could come a night early. I knew why (so they could get their celebration on) but hell I didn't have any plans and she's kept my kids for days at a time on more than one occasion so I said sure, we can have a party! Even though I didn't really want to lol but as mothers, we got codes. If you watched ALL THREE of my kids for a whole week, the least I can do is watch your daughter and niece for 3 days. Okay so then she texts me asking if her other friend (who I've met about 3 times) can leave her daughter with me overnight and pick her up in the morning around 9am, and also said that she would pay me for doing so. So I agreed, ONLY for those reasons. Early pick up and cash? Cool.

So they all get dropped off. THEN my other friend calls me, she'd been at the hospital all day with a friend of hers who was in labor and said that her other friend needs to go and get ready for her evening and she really wants to stay with her friend until the baby is born or else she will give birth all alone. And she kept talking about how nobody would watch her boys for her so she can stay at the hospital, etc. (Her friend also ONLY speaks Spanish and the nurses were just doing stuff to her without explaining what it was they were doing or why- so the lady was freaked out a little bit). Sooo I said "tell your friend to drop them off here and then when the baby is born, you can pick them up."


Everything was fine, they were loud but shit it was 8 of them so that's to be expected. Well the lady had her baby around 9:30pm and my friend kept texting me that she was on her way soon and also saying how she feels bad for me being stuck in the house with eight kids and yada yada yada....

So why did this heffer text me about 11:20pm talkin about "I really hate to ask you this but can the boys sleep over? I'm so tired man I've been up since 7am I'm so exhausted. I just wanna go home and sleep girl." And she even has to drive past my exit to get home? Please.

my reply: girl.......? I get up at 7 am every single day.

(she doesn't work- by choice)

So she came and got them at 11:50pm and wouldn't even stay 10 minutes to wait until midnight so her kids can throw confetti and make noise with the rest of the kids. Anyways.....

My hunny got picked up by his boy earlier that night and before he left I said "Damn, he's gonna get drunk and not feel like driving you back home." He was like "Fuck that. I'm coming home. I will drive HIS car here if I have to and he can get home however he gets home. I told his ass already I ain't with that bullshit."

And that's exactly what ended up happening lol. He drove back home in his boy's truck with dude passed out drunk in the passenger seat, threw a blanket on his ass and left him knocked out in the truck in the driveway.... it was cold as fuck out there too :-/

*insert drunken new years sexy time here*

*fast forward to the next day*

The extra little girl I agreed to watch who was supposed to be picked up in the MORNING and who I was supposed to be PAID to watch ended up going down like this here:

5:00 PM

No call from her mother, nothing. Even though when she dropped her off she said "I have your number, do you have mine?" and I told her no I didn't and to call or text me so I can save it if I need to get in touch with her.

Never happened.

So the other little girl's mother called and said she was going to swing by and drop off her daughter's hair scarf because she forgot it.

So I asked her "Um when is your friend coming to get her child?"

"Hmmm.... you know that is a good question because umm the last time I talked to her she said she woke up butt naked in some hotel room and didn't know where she was, and that was around noon."



Bitch I did you the favor of watching your child on NEW YEAR'S EVE of all eve's and you just gonna leave your child here without a word for damn near 24 hours?? But you had the sense to call your friend who doesn't even have your child and tell her what's going on? So her friend who dropped of the hair scarf for her own child ended up taking that little girl with her when she left.

Never even got so much as a text or phone call saying "I'm so sorry, but thank you for holding my child down for me."

And of course since she wasn't the one to pick her child up, I didn't get paid shit either.

It is VERY RARE that I even watch my own friend's children like that but honestly I never expected that type of shit from that chick so that's why I agreed to watch her child. Everytime I've ever been around her, she (and her daughter) were laid back, reserved, well-dressed, good-mannered.... but I guess you really never know people. All i DO know is that was my first and last time ever doing favors for a bitch I don't know very well.

The rest of the weekend went good tho! I actually had fun with the girls, we baked brownies and cookies, I gave them pedicures (pastel pink of course, I don't play that grown shit) and we had hot cocoa and played the wii (I kicked their ass in bowling haha). My five year old son tried to bag both my daughter's friends. Gonna tell one he wants her to be his girlfriend then not even 5 minutes later put his arm around the other one talkin about "And I like you too." I got my eye on that boy, tryina get older women already... smh.

Well it's late (kinda) and I'm about to relaaaaxxx now ;)

And let me know how the New Year is going so far for you!!

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Unknown said...

that's some bullshit.

i'm glad the rest of it was good though :)