Thursday, January 28, 2010


I just wanted to share a random story I was reminded of last night. I saw a tweet about donations to Haiti and it made me think of last week when I was getting the kids ready for school. My oldest son (almost 6) was looking for his $1 for icecream the school has for sale every Friday. My daughter (8) walked up to him and said, "You don't need icecream, it's cold outside anyway. You gonna give your dollar to Haiti." in a demanding tone of voice lol. She is so sweet and silly.

Then that got me to thinking about her and the way she is, and I remembered something else she did when she was even younger, about five, and she just amazes me. We were leaving Wal Mart and in the parking lot she saw a young girl (maybe 10 years old) in a wheelchair (I believe she had Cerebral Paulsy) and my daughter asked me what happened to the girl. I said that I wasn't sure and maybe she was born that way or got into a car accident, and also explained that it's important to never stare or point at people who are different than you because it's rude and might make them feel bad.

her: oooh, okay. how is she going to get in her car?
me: her mommy will pick her up and help her get in there.
her: oh. how does she go to the bathroom?
me: i'm sure her mommy and family help her do that too baby.
her: oh. she's pretty.
me: awww *smile*
her: can i tell her?
me: you sure can baby girl.

So we walked over to the girl in the wheelchair as her mother was getting ready to put her in the van, and my daughter put her hand on the little girl's hand and said "you're beautiful." (melted my damn heart lol)

I'm not sure if the girl understood or not but she seemed to smile, and her mother was like, "Awww wow how sweet! Thank you sweetie." and gave her a little hug and smiled at me and said "She is an angel, bless you." I said "Thank you, so is she *pointed at her daughter* you have a good night." and waved goodbye to the girl.

Something I will never forget. Makes me kind of sad that people don't interact with eachother like decent human beings so much anymore. A little can really go a long way sometimes, you never know how much you can turn someone's day around just by giving them a compliment, or even a smile. And it doesn't even cost you anything.

Try it sometimes :)


Monique said...

That was so sweet of your daughter. She's definitely a big sister that is leading by example. Goes to show that you are doing a good job of raising them.

sunshinestar110 said...

awwwww...your daughter is so sweet that story brought a tear to eye. The world can take notes from baby girl she is something special

PrincessLola said...

Like mother like daughter. That was touching

Piph said...

AWWWWW!! That was so sweet! Whenever I'm ready, or decided, to have kids, I hope I'm as good of a mother as you to teach my children to behave like that :)

Bella said...

thank you ladies! ♥ i love me some her lol

and epiphany, don't worry! the fact that you want to be a good mother before you even are one, says alot. i think you will do just fine :)

Sunshyne said...

aww that's so sweet

although I hate random people coming up to me like that lady that gave me a hug cuz we both had to work for christmas :T