Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Losin It...

Today at work I was checking my hotmail to see if I received an alert from H&R Block to let me know if my money was put on the card yet and the lil office manager comes into my office (that I share with my boss, who was also sitting right behind me) and sees me click my hotmail screen down.

her: You know, if you don't have anything to do I can find you something.

me: *whips head around* What? *stares* I have stuff to do, what are you talking about?

her: I see you click that screen down, you over there chatting.

me: Chatting? Um no.

her: Well what was that you clicked down? You want me to pull it up?

me: Go ahead. I don't care. I'll pull it up myself. *opens hotmail screen* See?

her: What about those down there you have open, what's that?

me: *opens other two browsers* UPS to make a shipping label... annnd OUR website so I can access our part catalog.

her: *blank face*

me: I was looking at something. So how was I chatting? Did you see me typing?

her: *hmph*
my boss: What is going on?

me: Yeah. I was checking the status of my tax return because I have some bills that need my attention. Sorry I have other things to do in life besides just sit at this desk all day.

And turned my ass right back around and continued to do my work. Fuck outta here.

I can't be dealing with this bullshit much longer. Usually I am capable of conducting myself professionally, for the sake of a paycheck and only for the sake of a paycheck. But today I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. I mean I'm a grown ass woman with children, you don't approach me like that, like you checkin me and you ain't even my boss.... pssshhh.

Yall please pray I don't headbutt this hoe.


AssertiveWit said...

I'll definitely pray for you LOL I had a manager like this and she always thought she was catching me do something. I would tell her EXACTLY what I was doing and when she finally asked why I would minimize the screen I told her, "because my email is for my eyes, not yours", and then smiled. She hated me. LOL

☆Reese said...

Lemme offer some words of strength...
Na mi oh ho ren gay ki ohhhhhh
Lawd plz don't let Bella have to snap a bitch's head back with a two piece to the throat region.
In yo name we prays,

Fonzie be with you!

SnakeDoc..... said...

Damn that. Head butt her!

Monique said...

the problem is she wants you to be as simple as her. Ask her "who gone check me boo?" LOL

Nicole said...

Girl, I know where you're coming from. I just pray. More like begging. It's hard to stay there and take shit, when the door is clearly there. Just remember Woo-sah!!

Kingsmomma said...

Damn sucks for you. I'll pray for you. I hate that passive aggresion she tried to pull, like here you want me to pull it up for you?

what a loser

Bella said...

thanks yall :) i'm tryin real hard to get up outta there! wooooosaaaahhhh