Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Cool (useless) Bella Facts

- i often remix songs into some perverted or otherwise inappropriate version in my head. just be in the bathroom singing "every piss begins with peeeee." to the tune of a kay jewelers commercial.

- i only like red and purple skittles. i don't wanna taste the rainbow.

- i have eaten more cookie dough in the last month than i have actually used it to bake cookies, even though is specifically says "DO NOT CONSUME RAW COOKIE DOUGH" on the packaging :-/

- i do my kegel exercises every day. it's just the responsible thing to do when you have a vagina.

- i sleep on the left side of the bed.

- some days i imagine cocking back and bustin my boss in the forehead with a chicken wing for my own amusement.

- i don't think trey songz invented sex.

- i whoop ass when necessary. more parents should.

- i think highly of myself, but i don't look down on anyone. unless i'm gettin some head ;)

- i dance and sing (really loud) in my car, even when i can feel people looking at me, i don't give a fuck... point. laugh. glad i could entertain ya. catch me at a red light near you bitches.

- i think many perverted thoughts every day. many.... every.... day.

- i don't like to share my snacks. depending on what kind of mood i'm in, i will: 1. buy you some of what i'm eating 2. eat it away from other human beings or 3. straight act like i don't see you eyeballing my tasty treats as i devour them.

- i hate tomatoes. and mushrooms. and olives. and bananas. and oranges. and i only use onions and peppers for flavor while cooking, but i push them off to the side when it's time to eat.

- i have a heart of platinum. i will do anything i'm capable of for those i love (*who i know- without a doubt- would do the same for me).

- i'm addicted to Forensic Files tv series and Law & Order. i can watch either of those back to back to back...

- i squeeze my own ass for no particular reason sometimes.

- i just ordered that Insanity workout DVD series.... pray for my body please.

- i love big earrings.

- chocolate is like crack to me. craaaack!!

- i have only lived in two states, NY (since birth) and GA (since 2000).

- i hardly ever go out. and as i'm getting older, i realize when i do go out that i'm not missing much. i feel like small doses of partying are better than partying til it seems old and boring to you.

- i think smoking cigarettes is even nastier than sucking 3 different dicks in one day. yall know what that does to your lungs? this: (left lung non-smoker, right lung.... well, do the math)

-i'm an asshole.
-i'm a leo. which may explain why i'm an asshole :)
- i can appreciate a nice ass on a female just as well as a man can. except i do not want to have sex with it or touch it. penis fo life! but i'll still look. *shrugs*
- i am currently a straight A student *pops four collars*

tis all for now.

enjoy your day folks!


Anonymous said...

Kegels, hell yes!

Monique said...

Yay! I love random facts about people.

I will admit I'm guilty of grabbing my own butt and feeling myself up. I love my body. If I don't, who will? LOL

Unknown said...

LMAO @ the i squeeze my ass for no reason fact. I do the same damn thing. It's nice & plump, why not?

achoiceofweapons said...

I like your list. I too can make up perverted songs at the drop of a hat, raw cookie dough rulez and I appreciate your appreciation of the the Female Azz! It inspires me! 8-)
Why haven't you commented on my latest posts? It's my Mooobies huh? (Man Boobs)

Bella said...

@Secretia: *high five!*

@Monique & Faith: shit i know that's right! aint nothing wrong with a lil self-groping now n then.

@Jaycee: i LOVE cookie dough. i think i have a problem tho because i ate a 2 lbs. tub of that shit in like 2 and a half weeks.... yeah. and i do sincerely apologize for not coming thru, i will do that right now :)

Kingsmomma said...

LMFAO @ it's the responsible thing to do when you have a vagina. LOL
this list is hilarious.

sigh you're a leo... is this what i have to look forward to from the little one?

Bella said...

@Kingsmomma: haha! yes, you better believe it! leos are a handful, but don't worry i'll pray for you lol

Ava Dior said...

i just realized how much of a fat ass i really am when you named all the food you dont like and i started drooling. shame shame!

i dont squeez my booty but i squeez my juggs from time to time. They're soft and stuff.

you and your damn cookie dough. you may not smoke but your cholesterol mad as hell at you. haha

and NY and GA are two of the best states ive ever lived in! would gladly move back to either

Anonymous said...

check out this new blog.

Only for the grown and shmexy.

Dirty Red said...


I know you don't know me but.....
Will you marry me?
I mean after I divorce my wife that is.......
I promise it is over between us and...
I think I luv you girl!!


This was a good post Boo.
Oh and I don't think Tre Songs invented sex either, I kinda thought I had the patent on that....
:runs out as Bella's shoe slams into the closing door behind me:

Bella said...

@Ava: girl i know! i am actually on a diet now on top of this insanity workour, this is going to be ROUGH! lol

@Dirty Red: ooooooo i'm tellin! lol