Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Needs Your Help

As we all know, Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake. It amazes me that some people can shrug it off or show lack of concern and justify it by saying, "shit we have our own problems and our own hungry and homeless people to take care of here."

This is true. BUT if you haven't been doing anything to assist in that cause EITHER then what are you complaining for? A majority of people in the U.S. are homeless and hungry because they made some bad decisions in their life and need to get it together. There are the disabled or victims of circumstance, who make up the smaller percentage of homeless people, I'm just saying a MAJORITY of people in that position put themselves there (and I do donate to the Salvation Army and have helped strangers many times in my life, so yes I do care about domestic issues too). Haiti is already the poorest nation and they were minding their business when this earthquake hit. I don't see how anyone can be insensitive to such a massive loss of human life and destruction.

Maybe simply hearing about it or reading about it isn't enough. But right now THIS is what the people of Haiti are going through:

And THIS is what you can do to help (list compiled by google of all organizations assisting in relief to Haiti).
Also, please click here to see the population map of how the earthquake impacts Haiti.
I'm sorry but if anyone can look at this like it doesn't matter, then they have no heart or regard for mankind. Even if you can't do a lot, if a lot of people do a little- it adds up to a lot.
My thoughts and my heart go out to the people in Haiti and their loved ones who are also devastated by the loss and tragedy.
I would also like to share a song in memory of Teddy Pendergrass passing away yesterday, one which I think we all need to hear and appreciate.
Wake Up Everybody.
And Rest in Peace to those who can't.


Unknown said...

If you want to donate, but aren't sure how, just text HAITI to 90999 from your cell phone and a $10 donation will be made to the Red Cross. It will appear on your next cellphone bill. I know a lot of people want to donate goods (clothes, water) but what helps most is dollars. It takes money to ship things to the area, and that also takes time. Money is easy and can help right away.

Jazzy said...

whoops...i accidentally left a comment to this post but on the last post!

Jen of said...

this probably isn't a comment you expected to receive... but thank you for this post. I read through my blog list to see if blog world cared about Haiti's suffering and I saw the title of your post. From someone who dying for contact from family from haiti, thank you for caring.

Bella said...

@Paul: thank you too :)

@Opinionated Diva: lol i saw that, it's okay no worries, thank you for coming out of lurk mode

@jeni: awww you are sooo welcome. i hope you hear from your family soon love! *hug*