Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Things First

1st: Please follow my sister from another mister's blog "Her Name is Fiyah" I promise you won't regret it. She has recently committed to updating it regularly, and she is made of the truth and sheer awesomeness, so skip on over there and show her some love! (or I'll be forced to thrash you.)

2nd: "30 Days ON" <------------ my new "program." I made the shit up like, 10 minutes ago. If you are currently frustrated about a situation: tackle that muthafucka, push its face in the dirt, run an interception, spike a touchdown and do yo dance on hoes. Because um... that's what I'm about to do. For the next 30 days... I will be minimizing all distractions, I'm only making time for success-oriented activities. I don't give a fuck if a Law & Order SVU Marathon is on, I will walk away and search jobs online instead. Fuck twitter. Fuck facebook. Fuck people wasting my time. Just fuck anything that isn't necessary.

3rd: That's about it. Feel free to join me in my "fuck everything for 30 days" plan.

(I also plan to clean up my potty mouth during this time.)

Tis all, love yall :)


Kingsmomma said...

yeah effing right about that potty mouth but thumbs up to everything else.

Bella said...

LOL, i'm serious about the potty mouth :)

i won't say eff my blog tho, i may need to release some thoughts every now and then!

Kiki Fiyah said...

Thank you for the shameless plug. I know you got a lot on your plate right now, but remember the Righteous Ones(throwback from myspace)? Yeah, we need to do something with that. Keep doing you Leen. <3 you!

Bella said...

ahaha! yes! it was Writeous Ones tho :) oh shit we even had a theme song, something about the ink is our bullets and the pen is our guns something something something The Writeous Ones, ha! and you are more than welcome for the plug. when i get back on twitter i'ma promote you there too :) love you back!

NINA said...