Monday, January 12, 2009

If I Were A Boy...

One of my best friends tells me sometimes that I'm like a man. She once complained that she wanted to initiate some sexy time with her man but that he wasn't responsive because a football game was on and she couldn't understand how he would rather watch a game than have sex with her.

I said "Listen, you don't mess with a man while the game is on. You just don't. You gotta respect the love of football heffer. You got your shows you watch and don't wanna be bothered til it's over right?"

Her response to that was, "Oh fuck you, you would say some shit like that, you just like a nigga anyways, ya old mannish ass." and started laughing... but she added, "yeah, you right though."

I know :)

We gotta be fair. Take for example this weekend on Saturday night I planned to suprise my man with some lingerie when he walked in the door. He got home sooner than I expected and I was just barely out of the shower so I was like "damn." Then he poked his head in the door and handed me a bag of some tees he bought me and watched me pull them out of the bag as I kept sayin, "awww thank you baby." lol. Then he says "And I got THIS." and pulls out the Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe game for xbox 360 and told me he would be downstairs playing the game while I finished up in the bathroom. Did this upset me that he threw a monkey wrench in my plans? Hell nah. It's not like I made him aware of my intentions... plus I ain't even gon lie, I been wanting that game ever since I saw the commercial last month lmao.

So... I still put on my lingerie and my heels and sauntered my ass downstairs to the living room and announced as he saw me come in the room, "That's right muthafucka. I just got sexy to come down here and beat yo ass! Gimme that joystick." and sat my ass down right next to him on the floor and played a video game in a satin robe, lingerie, and stilletos like what. After a lil while, he tugged on my robe like he wanted a peak.

I said "What? You wanna see what I got up under here don't you?"

He just smiled, his lil mischievous smile that I love. So I untied my robe, showed him and was like "So, you done with the game now?" and he said "Hell yeah. That's for kids, I wanna handle some grown folk business."

And away we went upstairs...

(no details, that's what my other blog is for lol)

So you see? Every girl needs a little "boy" in them every now and then. You can have a healthy balance of the two. It's a good thing in a relationship to put yourself in your man's shoes every once in a while. It's not good to have that "It's all about me." attitude. Then when your ass is sitting alone somewhere it really will be all about you because nobody else will be there lol.

So if I were a boy... would I be all that different than I am now? Maybe. But not by much.


vexedmentals said...

lol we seem to be on the same page ;]

also, write a damn book already!

RAEthoven said...

i agree. it really helps that im a big sports fan mainly football. half the time he has to get shhhed a few times. good post once again, u better tell em how it is!

Bella said...

@ vexed: girl i am in the process of writing one rite now! thats so funny you said that lol, hopefully in about 3 months it will be done, i'll keep you posted :)

@ miss rae: thank you, that is too funny you be "shushin" HIM, now that's what i'm talkin bout! lol

Amber-Alert said...

hahaha i kno thats right!!

nice pic btw!!

Anonymous said...

1st let me say that Mortal Combat vs. DC is my SHIT!! i KICKED some ass on that game. 2.. I like the way you flipped the script on him w/o even having to say much!!!