Thursday, April 23, 2009

Better Late Than Never (like a period, ha!)

okay so im maaad late with this post. like two weeks late. but what can i say, im late for work every day and only live 5 minutes around the corner. i mean literally 5 minutes, maybe even 4 on a good day lol. i invite people to my kids' parties like "oh it starts at 4:00pm" mufuckas start showin up at 5 and my ass still be doing last minute shit.....smh. i probably get it from my daddy tho so blame him, he was late for his own wedding so um yeah.

alrite a couple weeks ago i had no kids for a whole week. whoa. that hasnt happened to me in like 2 years. it also coincided with the time my man had to go out of town. so i was completely... alone. and free. and i loved every minute of it.

i even went out on a week night until 4am and got my ass up the next morning and went to work like a soldier lol. i also got to go out with my girls that i havent been out with in over 3 years! oh! and i also got a new 'do for the first time in...???... lol here are some random pics...

[please ignore the nut rag hangin on the door. oops.]

[@ niki's before we went out]

[yep. those are real. must be nice. lol]

[guess my arms werent quite as long as i thought when i took this]

[good lord i need a tan]

[loveee] [i love my phone. it does cool stuff.]


[and so does ki's. lol]

[see how friends do you when you're drunk staring up at who knows what in waffle house?]

[our server was such a nice lady. thank you... scrappy?]
the spot we went to was... eh. thats really all i have to say about that. but we made the most of it of course :) in our own little world. singing "show me your genitals." over the music... "genitaliaaaa!!" n all that good stuff.
i ended up sleeping on my friend's sofa/chair that night. then the next day, which was a sunday, we went to go see Adventureland. it was just okay to me, dont get me wrong it has its funny moments. my ignorant ass was just hoping for more ignorance from the Superbad boys. oh and notice how i said i slept over my friend's house right? okay so on a sunday afternoon... that hot pink n black outfit is what my ass was strolling around downtown ATL in while 99% of everyone else had on jeans & sneakers. it was kind of a dreary day so i looked just all out of place im sure, cuz i could feel it my damn self lol. like "oh man i just LOOK like the day after the club n shit. what a shame." but whatever. i decided i didnt give a fuck. go figure.
im drawing a blank about the rest of my "time off"... aint that a bitch. i guess thats what happens when u smoke weed n procrastinate on ur bloggin.
oh! in other news, how about my house got robbed tho? yes some lovely person decided it was okay to climb in my window and steal my daughter's lil flat screen tv she got for christmas. along with my boys xbox 360... gosh how nice of them. oh and they took my man's xbox too and a dvd player. and for some odd reason decided they needed to overturn my trash in the kitchen n steal my garbage bag. like what kinda crackhead shit is that? i was sooo mad when i noticed shit was missing and rummaged thru, a light turned on in my head like "oh shit. what if they're still in here?" so i grabbed a mop and a knife from the kitchen n proceeded to yell "yall muthafuckas better hope and PRAY u aint still in my house!!" going room to room, flingin in open closets. slappin the walls n shit. yeah and dont ask me what the mop was for okay? i just felt like i needed it. in case i had to pull a prince hakeem n thrash a mufucka.
and im about 92.8% sure it was my new neighbor's husband. cuz see... some heavy winds knocked a tree onto one of my other neighbor's roof. so there was like 3-4 city trucks out there, a tree shredder and the clean up crew. now correct me if im wrong but even if you're slow, does this look like the best time and place to randomly rob a house?
yes i took this pic as evidence. after i immediately went to the three nearest pawn shops in hopes of catchin a muthafucka tryina pawn my shit. oooh i was so ready! i was on the prowl u hear me? no such luck tho. i aint even bother callin the police til i got back from that mission. plus i had to hide my weed paraphernalia before they got there anyways ;) but u see what i mean? who could walk or drive down that cul de sac (my crib is to the left behind all that green bushery but u cant see it lol) and take shit out of my house in broad daylight without anyone noticing? and the way they got in was thru my back window in the sunroom, which is RIGHT next to the steps to their back door. so according to my calculations: he opened their back door, opened my window, climbed in, thieved my shit, walked out my back door n went right back up the steps into their house. maaan i told yall i be on my law & order shit.
aha! but little do they know i have the key to their crib :) we live in a townhouse and my landlord gave me that key to show the place when it was vacant. so far, there hasn't been a time i could tell that nobody was home. but just you wait. let me see all them mufuckas pile in the car n leave. i will be all up in their shit. watch. *rubs palms together/evil laughter*
well my mouth just started watering for some cookie dough and i think this shit is long enough so *deuces* mwuah!!


Epitome said...

I love the fact that you all up in the club singing show me your genitals! I LOVE IT!

Yeah, you on your law and order hard (love that show. SVU is the SHIT) and I C.A.N.N.O.T. wait to hear about how the entering of the neighbors home goes. That will be a blog to remember lol

Bella said...

girl i told you, ima be singin that for all my days lol. and shit you n me BOTH cant wait til i go up in the muthafuckas shit! ragamuffins.

Diva Style said...

Ooh girl, get em! I cannot stand a thief!

BeautyfulFaith said...

I HATE when ppl steal from kids. That's just low as fuck.

Krissy said...


Bella said...

Amen to all of you ladies lol... it really is sad. but like i always say, karma is a bigger bitch than i could ever be. they'll get theirs one way or another... smh...

achoiceofweapons said...

Good Pics! Check you later.

Sunshyne said...

I hate fuckin thieves, that's just triflin! Stealin from a store is one thing, but u gon steal from someone who worked for they shit? that aint right!

Bella said...

@jaycee: thanks for comin thru once again :)

@sunshyne: i know rite?! i pisses me off. grrrrrr >:-(

Tami said...

That's funny! I can't wait to hear the story about you going into your neighbors house to see if they have your stuff. Hilarious!

Whitney & the full effect said...

you are s damn gorgeous and you have an amazing figure!!!!!

christina said...

aawww bella.. your so pretty :) love the blog babez.. working on mine now just because of you!!! muawhh