Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hit the Flo!

okay so today on twitter i mentioned i had the urge to stand up n cabbage patch at my desk for no good reason n then sit my ass back down n continue about my business rite? so... this beeotch Epitome decides she wants me to possibly get fired and says "so u must feel like the kids in this video." with THIS attached.

maaan i had to wait til i got home to watch the rest. my ass was bent over under the desk pretending to fix my pant leg cuz i was about to burst out into laughter. yo that lil boy rite there? KILLED me.
Epitome is also the one to blame for the fact that i will be singing "show me your genitals" until i'm 92 years old.
p.s. i have NO gotdamn idea what that twitter box shit is that pops up on my blog, so just X that bitch out when it shows up... smh.


RAEthoven said...


now that i have regained my composure. that box comes up because you have your twitter app on your page and since your twitter is private you have to sign in . only way to make it stop is to take the app off or un-privatize your twitter.



gor(jess). said...

omg . i was about to cry myself to sleep u saved my night lmfaoooo.

Bella said...

thank u RAEthoven! cuz that shit was driving me crazy, i give it the screw face n everything.

and gor(jess) im glad u made a pit stop thru here before u hit the bed! idk know why u were gonna cry urself to sleep :( but keep ur head up mama! :

Epitome said...

:Takes bow:

:in my elvis voice: "Thankyewverymuch"

Yo! how much you wanna bet that this little boy is related to the dude who excessively celebrated at the ping pong match? His parents suck for this cause this has had like over a million views...don't they know the internet is forever?

PS-I'll be sure to send you even more fuggery via twitter, yes, my main purpose in life is to get people fired :-)

Bella said...

lol! mannn that lil boy had some kinda somethin come over his ass when that song came on! if i was him i'd show everyone that shit when i got older n crack up at myself, i mean what else can u do about that? its HILARIOUS! lmao yesss keep the fuckery coming!

Beautyful Faith said...

That video will haunt his adult life forever lmao

Unknown said...

Did you see big head li'l red go?!? Mortification should set in about 6 or 7 years.

simone_dior said...

i hate flo-rida for so many reasons, but this shit right here... REASON #679987, girl, i think i peed on myself a little bit. it's 2:48 am and i'm trying to stifle laughter so hard to the point my chest now hurts.
this aint the first time i've seen little yt boys violate this song. i saw 3 of them in target singing it , doing all kinds of gyrating and carrying on. heedamnlarious!

Bella said...

@beatyful faith & wilfredo: i dont doubt it but he better just laugh it off cuz there is NO turning back from this. i have a video of my sons doin some kinda crazy rapid worm movements on the floor, laughing hysterically at themselves...smh. they're lucky its in my old phone and i cant send it to my email lol

@simone: lmao @ peed on urself a lil bit! hahahaha girl i cant stand flo-rida ass either! ugh. oh well, atleast he sponsored this entertainment lol

Sunshyne said...

that kid is hilarious, u gotta watch him dance to boom boom pow

Bella said...

stop playin! u need to hook me up w/the link to that one, i gots to see that lol

Miss Ebony Nicole said...

LMFAO the way he kept slappin his ass is straight classic!!! omfg