Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes I Feel Like...

i don't feel like me anymore
my fight is fading
and my heart is heavy
even tho i feel empty
it seems every day is the same
and i just go thru the motions
struggling to stay sane
trying to stay focused
i want to be hopeful
but i feel so hopeless
so many ambitions
but no means to obtain
every time i see light
a door slams in my face
like everything i want
is on display behind glass
"you can look but you can't touch."
and i'm tired of being trapped
sick of being stuck
frustration taking over my sanity
because my dreams move faster than reality
i want to reach for so many things
but so many things keep grabbin me
so i'll just run in place
until i can break free
one of these days
i will be the me i want to be

© bella

catch your breath but never stop running, the finish line may be closer than you think.

and that is all.


gor(jess). said...

very nicee ! i feel you on that ..i been feeling the same lately too =/

ShonaVixen said...

Loved this piece esp. catch your breath but never stop running, the finish line may be closer than you think.

Bella said...

thank you ladies!! we can all get down sometimes but we should never let our emotions get the best of us. so we just gotta take a breather sometimes (catch our breath) and get back on the grind (keep running)


PhlyyGirl said...

Thank you...that was just what I needed to hear, exactly when I needed to hear it.

Bella said...

awww ur welcome! im glad u came thru to the right place, at the right time :)

Lina said...

I shonuff feel you on this....this is the way I've been feeling...lets me know im not alone.

kit von b. said...

shiiiiit. gon & git it w/ your poetic side. i did need to see this. to see that im not the only one going through some soul-shakin shit. i try to remind myself that we all in this together, and i hope you do the same darling!


Amber-Alert said...

loved it!! keep reaching!

Bella said...

@lina & karrie: we all on the same page. i heart yall heffas :)

*LOX voice*


@amber: thanks! i will! im too legit to quit (haaay haaay) lmao!