Monday, April 20, 2009

Good News!

i'm the type of person who doesn't like to discuss things before they actually unfold into reality so i've never mentioned this before, but a few months ago i applied to be a model for a company (that im not going to name just yet, i'd rather wait until all the paperwork is finalized and im up on their site before i do my shameless plug lmao) and they hit me back today with a contract!

im so excited yall :) i have to meet with them and get my photoshoot scheduled, which by the way i do NOT have to pay for. thats a fairly good indication that you're not about to get fucked over lol.

there is one event already scheduled that i will be a part of. so any of you in the atlanta area, come out to Opera and celebrate the magazine launch (for said company) on 5/14 hosted by Jermaine Dupri.

i will keep yall posted as this thing develops lol

damn i wish i had some liquor to celebrate! well there is that bitch ass nuvo still sittin in my fridge... but i'll be damned... nuh uh. pass.



Anonymous said...

COngrats on the modeling gig! :D

lol @ bitch ass Nuvo! alot of other folk told me that shit was nasty and each time i thought about you saying that lollll

Bella said...

thank you!! :D

yeah you listen to them, to me, and whoever else tells u its nasty! lol

Epitome said...

Well CONGRATU-FUCKING-LATIONS!!!!! (I mean that in the best way possible, not the sarcastic way...I just like saying fuck...and bitch...alot)

That is sooooo what's up!

Awesome Randomness said...

Congrats. Good luck with everything. LOL at Nuvo...

simone_dior said...



Twisted Elegance said...

WOOOT WOOOT! Thats what I'm talkn about. Don't forget about the little people aka me when you become famous!

Bella said...

thank you so much ladies!!

and epitome ima need to compare ur DNA w/mine cuz this is gettin out of hand!

"I just like saying fuck...and bitch...alot."

sounds JUST like me i swear.

Epitome said...

Well, everybody tell me I'm white...and I told you that you just light skin with good hair, so shit! Could be!

Unknown said...

Way to go, E-BabyMama! Of course you were going to get a gig. Surprised it took them so damned long to get a load of your lethal curves! Woof!

I have no idea what Nuvo is, so I really can't share that laughter.

Congrats, again!

Bella said...

@epitome: lmao! u got it all figured out dont u? lol

@wilfredo: thank u e-babydaddy! and be ever so grateful u dont know what nuvo is. u can live the rest of ur days w/out that knowledge and u wont be missing a THING lol