Monday, August 24, 2009

Ladies & Gentlemen...

my sister has joined the blogosphere :) i know i refer to alot of my friends as my sisters but this is my blood, my kin, my heart- my little sister (yeah she's 26 and im 28 but she will always be my baby sister. hehe)

she needs space to let her mind roam freely so i suggested she do it here. and what do you know this lil heffa done posted 4 entries in one night already lol.

click --------> HERE <--------- and show Miss Catalina some love please :)

p.s. she is like the sweeter version of me. or not, shit who knows what's bound to come out of her mouth lol.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogger :D

Miss Catalina said...

I love you too baby doll!! (and thanks thehoustongirl)