Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm....

okay fair warning, this blog is going to take up some time so if you don't have like 30 minutes to spare you may want to come back later (due to the videos- aint NO way in hell im typing 30 minutes worth of shit lol). other than that, get comfy :) seriously, do yourself a favor and watch each video in its entirety. the shit gets rather deep.

my man showed me some shit that just got me like "whoa." i really dont even know how to approach an intro to the clips im about to share with you because it's so complex but the jist of it is: the corruption in hip hop and the entertainment industry. let me just say first that i dont agree with EVERY word spoken or implied... but if this shit dont make you wonder some things... mannn listen. if you're already familiar with professor griff (public enemy) and "the industry" then you've probably already seen this. there are 50 parts but i honestly havent been thru each one, so im just gonna show a couple. heeeeerrre we go *slick rick voice*

(please pause nas first if you havent already lol)

The Industry Part 33

The Industry Part 34

The Industry Part 35

i also did some quick reference work for ya:

Operation Paperclip



(to see all parts of "the industry" just go to youtube and search "the industry 1" and so on and so forth. sorry but im not linking ALL of that shit lol)

real quick let me just say, that shit Amil spit on the last video? yo. she MEANT that shit. it really makes me wonder whatever happened to her. she was ON one minute, then working at k-mart the next. she never confirmed it but i read an article in The Source yeeeears ago and when she was asked about the rumors of her working at k-mart she was like "i gotta do what i gotta do for my kids." so um yeah, explain that. and thats a track that im sure hardly ANYBODY has ever heard... wonder why.

things that make you go hmmm....

sooo... what are your thoughts on all of this?


Anonymous said...

Oh HELL YES!! I been on The Industry for quite sometime and read the comments also (very interesting) I got into this hmmm late last year (Pimpb - industry dude comes out with a new episode each Sunday) and there are also some blogs that I read about this subject also

its REAL tho keep watching the series! Youtube bitch ass BLOCKS some of the episodes, so some you have to watch on zshare (he will provide links)

other than that have a good one :D that shit opened up my eyes too...especially that snake ass nigga JAY Z (I was a fan at first but now fuck that nigga for real)

its real but some can't handle the "truth" about their favorite artist, movie, ect

Bella said...

well damn i need to catch up! yes this shit is crazy from what i've seen so far. i need to subscribe to his videos because im ALL intrigued now lol

and i have no words re: jigga lmao

PrincessLola said...

Ok the theory I was talking about was the Boule' theory. It touched on this type of stuff but this person gets far more in depth. This shit is real and there's too much of the the same thing for it to be a coincidence....I'm gonna try to watch the rest at some point. I saw the original airing of that Dave Chapelle joint and I sat there listening to him nodding my head vehemently. Also, that amil song was one of my favorites (I'm prolly 1 outta the 10 who actually bought her I always thought she was shootin at Jay and the industry...look what happened after that album tho...hmph...and if i'm not mistaken, it's the last song on her shit so you would hafta give her the benefit of the doubt to get all the way to the end after listening to her chew on her damn tongue for 15 songs :-/ Great post bells!

VonDign said...

real isht..followin the blog was easy ...from this first post to the music i already kno!

NINA said...

ok my attention span is fuckin shot lmaoo let me try and watch the videos to see what everyone is talkin about hahaha

NINA said...

omg mad scary i have to wtach the rest later.