Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bella Crocker

i gets busy in the kitchen son.

my meatloaf is murda.


yeah that's turkey bacon, no pork on the fork.

my very first turkey :)

my second turkey lol.
turkey, greens, garlic cheddar mashed potatoes, homemade mac n cheese, sweet potatoes, dressing, corn muffins, and green beans with fried onions. and i wasn't even having any guests lol.
my grown man plate. yes, i ate it all.

poor turkey.

and she grills.

my baked beans will make you slap your mama, then steal her purse.

can u tell i ♥ to cook? yeah yall see the pickle jar for the grease. i do this. lmao


nah i didnt grow the fruit, but i showl did cut it up nice... just for my kids to fuck it up lol


RAEthoven said...

1. hearing ambitionz az a ridah just make my entire day :)
2. and deaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm im comin to yo place. ill get them 9 pounds back in no time !
3. man, now im really hungry !
4. diggin the new layout, or am i just late as hell haha

Twisted Elegance said...

I'm sitting in class looking at this pic and I'm temptin to run out and eat. Those pictures made me sooooo hungry. Girl your food looks amazinggg

Jeanette said...

Killin it in the kitchen girl. :) All that food looks delicious..
Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it. I am looking up. No more looking down. :) Take it easy


Bella said...

@j.rae: girl yes! that song will NEVER, never EVER get old. i used to have it as my ringtone and i forgot to put my phone on vibrate at work n it rang. it was dead quiet. all u heard was: "i wont deny it, im a straight ridah, u dont wanna fuck wit me..." (oops, sorry everyone!) lol n thank u bout the layout, ur not late. its just been a few days :) u wanna gain 9 lbs, i will give u 10! lol

@femme: muchas gracias :) hope ur tummy wasnt grumblin all loud in class lol

@J: ur welcome girl, anytime! just concentrate on the sun, not the clouds and everything will be alrite :)

Ava Dior said...

ghetto ass cooking show is all i can think of as im looking at cooked food placed nicely on a plate and listening to tupac.

you've made my evening.

Bella said...

lmao girl u know i will cook to this shit too. bein ignant, tasting the kool-aid with the mixing spoon, shakin my booty lol

vexedmentals said...

oh fuck you now i'm madder than i was two seconds ago waiting for these mofos to take me to get something to eat. SHIT LOOKS ALL TYPES OF BANGIN' ESPECIALLY THE FRUIT.

oops, didnt mean to caps that but iain changing it, hmph! >:[

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Hey first time commenting here, but have seen you around in the blogosphere and I blogrolled ya! But that food is definetly tha bizness....you aint no punk in the kitchen ma!

Bella said...

@vexed: lmao... sorry girl, i hope ur peoples didn't let u starve lol

@introspective: thank you for stoppin by n adding me to ur blog roll :) i went to check u out but none of ur posts are showing, i'll try again in a lil while. come thru anytime :)

Amber-Alert said...

mmmmmm im SO hungry now....girl u got me wishin tomorrow was thanksgiving lol

Rai said...

Dang I just got hungry. =/

Lil Miss Honey B said...

I see Bella throws down in the kitchen.

Yves said...

Holy shit! Can I hire you?!