Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"All Cops are Not Assholes"

Okay now just last week (I think?) I told the story of my lil accident and how I walked away with no police involved and took my lucky ass on about my business. (scroll down to "I'm Such a Genius" if you don't know what I'm talkin about cuz I'm not gettin into the details again nor do I know how to link shit yet lol)

Well let me tell you what happened just about an hour ago. I left the house to bring my kids to daycare and school, as usual. Except I was running late cuz I couldn't get up FOR SHIT. So since my daughter missed the bus from daycare that takes her to school, I had to drive her myself. But it's just around the corner so it's cool. So I'm at the light and notice a cop car in the lane next to me to my right. And I know my license is (still) suspended. Shit it's on hold in NC and I live in GA... it's complicated. But anyways... the glass from my right mirror is also gone. And for some reason I don't make it a priority to fix it, I guess because I'm skilled enough to drive properly without it (except when I have food in my lap lol). I'm like "damn, he could pull me over for the mirror, find out my license is suspended n take my ass to jail. fuck." Unfortunately there was no maneuver I could make that would prevent him from seeing my mirror was not there. So when the light turned green, we go. He gets behind me. Muthafuck. So I turn down the street my daughter's school is on and just about when I get up to the school...

*blue lights come on*


So I pull into the parking lot rather than rollin up the front drop-off area with police in tow. So he gets out and asks me for my license.

"I left it at home, I was running late to bring my kids to school and I left my whole purse." (which was actually the truth lol)

"Okay ma'am, well go ahead and walk your daughter up to the school and we'll talk when you get back, just let me get your name and date of birth first please."
*gives him the info and walks baby girl into school*

On the way back to the car I call my boyfriend (whom I was on the phone with when I noticed the cop next to me so he already knew what I was calling for)

"Oh my God babe he pulled you over didn't he?"

"Oh my God... oh my God baby... shit."

"I'm just tryina stay calm, maybe he'll let me go." (wishful thinking huh?)

So I tell him if he don't hear back from me or get an answer on my phone in the next 20 minutes then I'm probably in a cop car and he should call my friend and my parents. So I go up to the cop car and he tells me to sit back in the van for a minute. Cool. Cuz it was FREEZING out that bitch. So I call the man again and stay on the phone til the officer comes back...

"Miss (yall-dont-need-to-know-all-that), would you please step out of the vehicle?"
Here we go.

"You're driving on a suspended license and I have to take you in, I'm sorry."

But yall see a bitch is sittin here typing right? :)

So he puts the cuffs on me and naturally... I start to cry.

"I have 3 kids, please can't you just write me a ticket? Please?"

"I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do, it's out of my hands."

But yall see a bitch is sittin here typing right? :)

So he puts me in the car, and asks me if I want to make a call from my phone before he takes me in. So I instruct him how to use my phone. He calls my man and holds the phone up to my ear for me.


"Well I'm in the car."


"Yeah. So I guess call my mom n Jackie for me so she can pick the kids up for me later."

(He was about to get in his car on the way back from NC so there was nothing much he could do besides that lol)

*his voice starts cracking*

"Baby what else can I do? Are you gonna be okay?"

"It's cool, there's nothin I can do about it."

*sigh & puppy dog face at Mr. Officer*

"Damn I won't get there til like 2 o'clock but we gon get you out baby don't worry, I love you."

"I love you too."

(we had been arguing too but times like this you just throw that shit out the window, life's too short.)

So I give my phone back to the officer and he gets in the car and shows me on the screen what my license is suspended for... in GA.

WTF? That shit was 2 years old and I had already taken care of that... well atleast I thought so. Now I'm starting to wonder and I have some phone calls to make cuz my memory is a lil hazy on that speeding ticket lol.

"I already took care of that, why is that still in there?"

"I don't know but this is why there's nothing I can do. I get audited after I put your information in so I can't just let you go... What time do you need to pick your children up?"
*cries some more*

"By 6:30"

*cry, cry, cry*

So he takes a deep breath...

"Okay...*another deep breath*... this is what I'm going to do. You say you took care of these right?"

"Alright, I'm going to serve you on these Failure to Appears and write you a ticket for driving on a suspended license. And I'm going to tow your van. But I will bring you home if you PROMISE me you will get these things taken care of. I will explain myself if anyone questions me about this. I'm a father and I can tell you're not a bad person. All cops are not assholes, you know... so I will drive you back home okay? But promise me you won't drive until you clear this up."

So I started crying again, but out of relief and happiness. I was feeling so blessed at that moment I can't even explain. I mean my ass was in the car, I was in cuffs... but here I sit at home instead of a hard ass bench in a holding cell for who knows how long (that shit is the worst).

I don't even know how many times I said "Thank you." And when he dropped me off I said, "I never thought you were an asshole. I just thought you were a cop. But now I just think you're a good man, thank you so much." and he told me that no thanks is needed, just take care of my license.


I called my man back and he told me he was on his knees praying the whole time and I could tell he had been crying.

All cops are not assholes.

And neither is my man.

I've learned alot in an hour.


Ava Dior said...

Awww shiiiit.

I'm so happy you're not in jail.
ima pray for you.
hope you get that ish taken care of.

Kait said...

i cant believe i just read that whole thing , and was laughing the whole time. your a funny chick !

im helllaa happy your not locked up too ! whos fucking blog would i be reading right now !

&& Yes indeed , taurus are thee shit huh ?? (coming from a taurus) lol

Bella said...

@ava: shit YOU happy im not in jail? girl. just imagine. whooosaaahhh... lol

@kait: thank u girl!! yes, my daddy is a taurus too. im a leo tho. rarrr. but yeah i must say tauruses (if thats a word?) are the shit. thanks for stoppin by, come back now ya hear! :)

Twisted Elegance said...

I'm sooo glad he didn't take you in cuz I know you would've have a lot of angry blog readers standing outside the precinct lol.

I love ur blog hun I always feel like I'm reading a chapter in a novel.

Lil Miss Honey B said...

I have been there!!! I have just now cleared up all my tickets, going back to 2000. My license has been expired for 2+ years and I had to pay 1000's of $$$ in order to get that cleared. So I feel you on the driving w/ out the proper stuff, but if you got kids (I have a son), it's like you do what you hafta do.

Jeanette said...

Holy shit.. You lucked the fuck out.. Damn girl.. You got some crazy ass luck. Congrats on not getting arrested. :)