Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm Alive Now :)

Whoooo... lawd. I've been sick since last Thursday. This shit was the worst! I was really down for the count. Thankful for my good friends checking on me, and my ride or die chick Jackie for picking up my boys and keeping them overnight Saturday. That helped sooo much. I already know I gave my man his props the other day (don't even remember what day I typed that, Friday?) but he has been my damn hero, seriously. If I rewind the last few days and play em back without him... I woulda been all fucked up in the game. He took my kids to and from school for me, cooked every night, did some grocery shopping on his own, brought me my medicine when it was time to take it, just everything.

Saturday night I was so grateful for him that I cried. I didn't let him see that shit tho lol. On top of everything else, he ran my shower for me, picked out my pajamas, gave me a back rub, and tucked me in the bed. Nobody has ever taken care of me like this, ever. He did more for me than I could even think to ask of him. I'd never been this sick before, but I was on bed lock down once...

When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I was put on bed rest because my blood pressure was so high and I was still with my BD. I even had to take maternity leave from work early, doctor's orders. Well one night I was trying to sleep but all I could hear was "boom, boom..." from the bass of the stereo downstairs. It was his weekend ritual to drink himself stupid and listen to music ridiculously loud. I had already asked him so many times to please turn it down, and he would oblige and apologize... but then when he thought I was asleep and wouldn't notice, he turned it back up again. I was sick of that shit. So I went downstairs and unplugged the whole stereo and was like, "Apparently this the only way I'ma get some sleep huh?" Well that didn't go over so well.

He started yelling at me, saying I'm trippin, shit like that. I told him he was selfish as fuck and proceeded to go back upstairs. The fool gon say, "Oh you not gon plug that back in?"

"What? Fuck no." and started back up the stairs again.

Next thing I know... BAM!!

This bastard punched me in the back of my head. While I was pregnant. On bed rest. With my back turned. (yeah so all of yall who say a woman doesn't get hit for no reason, there's your proof that it really does happen.)

So my pregnant ass grabbed the closest object to me, our daughter's Care Bear bike, and went upside his head with it. So he pushed me into the wall and I look at the top of the stairs and see baby girl, she starts crying and yelling, "Daddy, don't hurt Mommy!" He told her to go back to bed. And I gave him the look of death and told him in my calmest tone of voice that if he doesn't go sit his ass back on the couch, he will meet round two with the bike... so he sat his ass back on the couch. And I went upstairs and slept with baby girl in her bed. And of course the asshole plugged the stereo right back in.

Looking back on that incident made me so thankful for how far I've come in life, on my own. For removing my children from that lifestyle before they were too old to get used to it and think it was normal. And it made me appreciate my man beyond words. He isn't perfect but there is far more good about him than there is bad, he has made me smile way more than he's ever made me cry, and whenever I need him- he's here. I haven't been able to say that about a man in a very long time. But now I can and it feels good :)

I would like to thank my BD for being such a piece of shit. Everything does happen for a reason.


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Wow, thats quite a story, your Baby Daddy sounds like a real piece of shit!!!

I cant believe he did that, what a fucking douchebag, but I guess you have to thank him for showing you how a real man is not supposed to act so when a good man did come along you could appreciate it that much more, everything does happen for a reason and if nothing else he did some good by giving you your beautiful children, that should get him some penance before he gets his ass shipped off to hell!!

Glad your feeling better

Its My Perogitive said...

omg.. damn girl im PORUD OF YOU! youve over come alott.. and now look how youve been rewarded!!! im so happy for you .. that you have a great man and wonderful children .. and a great sex life lls.. i read lets get it on too :)

Jeanette said...

Wow. I can't believe he did that. You are a wonderful mother and person for being strong enough to get up and part ways for the sake of not only yourself but your kids too. You definitely got a good man by your side. Sometimes we have to go through bad times like that to appreciate the good ones.

Everything does happen for a reason mama. :)