Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ima stab my boss

this mufucka has been stealing my pens on and off for a whole year and a half!! it shouldn't bother me cuz it's "just a pen" but gotdammit!! seriously, it's ridiculous tho. i'll find a pen that writes nice and take a liking to it, only for this big head mufucka to steal it. then i gotta steal it back n shit. cuz how do you check your boss about stealing pens? am i supposed to say, "excuse me, do you have a pen fetish? cuz u keep STEALING ALL MY PENS HOMIE!!" like i have even bought my own pens from walmart with my own money and stuck them in the mug on MY desk. oh let a bitch be absent. come back the next day n 2 of them shits just vanish. like what in the hot hell do you need a pink ink pen for fool? you a grown ass man walkin round with a pink pen stickin out ya shirt pocket. my pen bitch, my pen. then when i go to steal it back, he done got all his warehouse dust and grease on the shit. so now i dont even want it back. alrite so yesterday was incident #172 (approximately) i brought my own pen from home rite? he already "used it and walked away with it" once... and i stole it back when he left his desk. then i come back from lunch and it's gone AGAIN. so i say something cuz im sick of this shit.

"where's my pen?"


"i had a black gel pen i was using, i brought it from home n now it's not on my desk."


oh? just oh, huh? aight bitch.

what do i see stickin out his jacket at the end of the day? yup.

so this morning i was scoping his desk out, lookin for it. didn't see it. okay, ima catch you slippin before the day is over mufucka.

well i snatched my pen back now and i swear if i was a nasty bitch i'd wipe boogers on it!!


R. Alexandra said...

a pen is a pen. shitt.
i agree lol.

Ava Dior said...

please go buy yourself some pink pens with big flowers and feathers on the ends of them.

for my enjoyment of course!

Bella said...

girl ima get me some hot pink metallic pens with neon lips and penises all over em!!

yeah now take THOSE mufuckaaa.

?? said...

girl you make me laugh, I would of done the same. I don’t even understand why managers/boss can think they can take what ever they want just because they are the manager! Sheeeeeeeeet

I might be tempted to get one of those extra EXTRA girly pens that light up with fur and glitter all over it, with my name in diamante on the side and see how he likes the look of that in his top pocket lol

achoiceofweapons said...

U gotta chain it down just like the banks! 8-)

Kait said...

NOT THE PEN ! seriously though , they come in handy . glad you got your shit back ! lol

Lil Miss Honey B said...

That was funny! My boss steals my pens too sometimes, IDK why. I get mad tho!!!

simone_dior said...

lmmfao!!! I'm reading ur blog start to finish and I'm dyyyyyying!!! I hate when hos (unizex) thieve pens or anything else for that matter. ugh!