Friday, February 20, 2009


So... I've been in bed for just about 2 days... turns out I have strep throat AND the flu. I think the only reason I'm coherent and capable of typing this right now is because of the three medications I'm on lol. Yesterday I slept until 6pm! Only got up once to pee and attempted to reply to text messages as I went in and out of consciousness.

I'm so thankful to have great kids and a great man in my life right now. Yesterday after he got back from picking my kids up from daycare for me, they came in the house all worried lol cuz Mommy always picks them up. It was so cute how they were concerned about me. "Are you okay Mommy?" and "Aww, you don't feel good?" Baby girl is my mini me, all the way. She said, "Mommy, I wanna clean up for you so you don't have to do anything, okay?" Awww. She even vacuumed and swept after she put all the dishes in the sink. When I say I was out of it, I mean I was out of it. And she helped with the bedtime routine lol. I could hear her upstairs saying to her brothers, "You better brush your teeth right now! Mommy doesn't feel good, if she has to yell at you it will make her head hurt so you better just listen!" She's so feisty lol.

Today my hunny really made me feel so loved. We have been through alot and have come a looong way from day one. I literally didn't have to do a single thing today. He really amazed me. When I first woke up I was feeling alot better, or so I thought. It was really just that the Tylenol hadn't worn off yet lol. So I got up and got them ready for school as usual. He walked my daughter to the bus stop, then we took the boys to school and came back home and laid down for a bit. Well when I opened my eyes this time, uh oh. My headache was back and I was sweating again, ugh. Last night me temp was 102 so I wanted to see if it had gone down and I got up to get the thermometer from downstairs, well... when he saw me out of bed, he looked at me like I was crazy lol.

"Woman! What are you doing? Walkin around her with no clothes on and you sick... you need to be in the bed, what do you need? If you need something you just tell me. Now go lay back down."

"Damn I just wanted to get the thermometer..." *turns around to go upstairs*

And wondering who he is talking to on the phone and yelling at me like that lol. So he comes in the room with the thermometer and even puts it in my mouth for me, like I can't do that myself. Then when it beeps he takes it and says, "Okay, that fever went down." then looks at me again and says, "Don't do that again..." then talks to the person on the phone, "Nah I'm fussin at her cuz she sick n walkin round here with no clothes on." Then he goes to get me some ice water. And for the record, I had a t-shirt and boy shorts on. Then I heard him say "Alright Grandma, I was just checkin on you, I'll call you later."

I was like "oh. my. goodness! baby now you got your Grandmother thinkin I was walkin around here naked, talkin bout I ain't got no clothes on... oh jeezus." Like that's just a great image to give to your grandmother sir, thanks alot.

I just fell right back asleep though. Then my friend called and said she has to take her son to the doctor and she's around the corner from my house and asked if I wanted her to come pick me up and take me too. Even thought I felt damn near glued to the bed, I knew I had to go. So she came and got me and I found out I had strep throat and the flu. Good thing she called cuz my ass sure was planning on sleeping all day again lol.

So I got back, took my prescriptions, and got back in the bed. He kept coming up there to check on me and bring me water. Then he said he was going to the store and to call daycare to let them know he was picking the kids up again. So I called daycare, told them, and went back to sleep.

I woke up and heard my sons talking and smelled something tasty. Then he comes in the doorway and told me he made me some homemade chicken noodle soup and was like, "You smell that? That's what love smells like."

Awww... punk ass.

Then he fed my boys (baby girl is sleeping at her friends house this weekend, so it's just me and the boys) and brought me a bowl of soup. I was so impressed. It was straight from scratch and I could tell he cut the carrots and celery himself. Then he brought me more water and a glass of juice. Then a few minutes later came in and gave me a fruit cup with strawberries, melon, and pineapples. I just smiled and held my arms open for a hug and rested my head on him like a baby lol. I was just about to tell him that I love him but before I even got it out my mouth, he says, "I know, I love you too." All I could do was smile.

Even though I feel like shit... life is good, and I am grateful.


Julisa said...

awwww your daughter! thats soo cute..
and damn i need to find me a man like that! lol

feel betterrr =]

Bella said...

lol thank u, i love that little girl!

p.s. trust me, it took some serious trials and tribulations to get this man to the point he's at rite now. i have some super human patience lol

Twisted Elegance said...

This is super sweet your kids sound like angels. There's no better feeling then being taken care of when you're sick. Your entry just inspired me to write one.

I hope you feel better!

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

That was such a sweet and touching story, like someone said its nothing like being taken care of when you are sick, cuz Lord knows most single women out here be ass out when their sick, thats good that you have family and friends that love you by your side....hope you feel better!

Gem said...

This was a really sweet story, from the kids to your boo. :-) Thank you for sharing.

Bella said...

thank you ALL so much! :)

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your post! I'm gonna take a peek at your OTHER blog lol ;)