Monday, March 16, 2009

Fiesta, Fiesta!

i had no children this past weekend and my homie Ava Dior was in the A so we had to go out. i dont get out too often but when i do, i like to go to Opera on fridays. we went on a saturday tho, and i was a lil disappointed in the DJ, i wanted to throw an ice cube at his ass on more than one occasion. this fool played bow wow and ciara's song in the damn club... go home, ur fired.

(yeah i was feelin it)

but whatever, we didn't let that ruin our night. not too long after we got there, one of the bouncers tapped us and asked if we'd like to go upstairs and meet his "VIP friends" and drink for free the rest of the night. free drinks you say?

just lead the way sir.

so we get our wristbands and follow him up there into a "booth" overlooking the dancefloor. then he introduces us to the VIP guest who apparently wanted some company, Greg Oden from the Portland Trailblazers. and i feel bad for saying this but i will anyways cuz its obvious wether i point it out or not but he's uh "rather unattractive." the only thing keeping me from just straight callin him ugly is that he has good manners and also shared his liquor with us lol. which by the way, not a great idea to pour patron and grey goose into identical clear glass pitchers and sit them side by side n tell people to help themselves. made me a strong ass patron n orange juice, oops! lol so i guess me n patron are cool again. me and ava were sittin there like "he's gonna kick us out cuz we're not showing him any groupie love... oh well, we're just here for the drinks" lmao

didnt feel much like dancing. til they played some reggae (nooo, nooo, nooo u dont luuuuv meeee and iiii knoooow nowwww... oh sorry) mr. oden made me pinky swear to a dance, so i danced with him shortly, but he said he had a bad knee. he couldn't hang lol anyway so me n ava danced for a few minutes then went back downstairs. i guess we made some friends...

i dont remember takin this pic. but i do remember booty dancin up on ol' boy to the left and that chick next to him was his girl... i suppose? she came kissing him while we were dancing but i didnt notice til ava said something lol. oops. neither of us ladies are single but the point of going out is to enjoy yourself, so that's what we did. even tho i swear the deejay needs a t-shirt that says "DJ Fuck Up" on it... smh.
and i somehow managed to drive back home (drunk) better than i did driving to the club (sober)... which i still dont understand. love ya ava!!
and the rest of my night is detailed in my other blog, too x-rated for this one lol.
peace out! ♥


RAEthoven said...

awwww looks like u had fun. now that i got my hurr did i can go out for once. im glad miss ava had time to come outdoors cuz she sure don't update that blog of hers lol

::heads to other blog for details::

RAEthoven said...

i totally missed the whole Greg Oden tidbit. he's from my good ol state(probably the last bit of talent lol )....he is mad cool to be an ogre though.

dearly beloved. said...

Hey Ms. Lady,

Looks like you and Ms.Ava enjoyed yourselves!

I like that shirt girl, i saw some hoodrat with a "Got Dick?" shirt on.. SMH.

Ava Dior said...

we look like some drunken trollops in that last pic! haha

aaaah that was fun. lol

Bombchell said...

girl do u know how many times Ive tried to go to opera!!!!!! last time I only had a card, and no cash so I ended up at Sutra opposite it. or my friends wanna go somewhere else. LOL till this day, never been to Opera lol

PrincessLola said...

Ohmygooness....I click the link & all i could say is Oh...oh..ooohhhhoohhhh...bursts of laughter. That dude looks like his face hurts.

Anyways, glad u had fun...u better come out wheneva i make it to the A.