Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Shit

i changed my layout (finally lol) and my playlist. i'm pretty content, for the time being.

the song you are more than likely hearing right now, cuz it's the first one lol, is rich boy "drop" and that shit is sooo fuckin hard to me! if you don't know rich boy by his name alone, you should definitely recognize "throw some d's on that bitch" and if you don't? *slap* i think he's pretty slept on and i hope this shit gets on the radio cuz it KNOCKS! shit if i hear this in the club... i'll probly start bobbin my head hard as fuck n act straight ignant up in that bitch lmao

the 2nd song, blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol... just makes me wanna get tipsy n shake my booty :)

the 3rd song, maaan yall dont know NOTHING bout that shit! when i typed that shit in the search and it actually came up, i literally lost my gotdamn mind lol. started dancin all kindsa nasty. "kill the bitch" yesss!! i me some damn reggae.

the last two songs were already in my playlist before. you can never go wrong with 2pac! and that mobb deep "quiet storm" just takes me back in time to NY, ahhhh... when that shit first came out and i heard it in the club, i got a bit carried away n started shoulder bumpin bitches for no reason lmao. shit i couldnt even help it.

alritey then im about to get some cleaning done. but before i go i gotta share what my youngest son just said. him and his brother were getting their play clothes on to go outside and he couldn't find his other sneaker. so i went in the closet and found some old chucks and was like, "here just put these on."

this knucklehead...

"but they're dirty!"

"boy they play shoes, they're supposed to be dirty, hush."

"but i got my spider man socks on!"

"so? what u can't wear dirty shoes cuz you got spider man socks on?"

*shakes his head with a sad face*

"uh uh."

"look, they're clean inside punk. they only dirty on the outside. see?"

*inspects the inside n puts his foot in*

kids are crazy lol.


Bombchell said...


wow is taht u in the header, u look so hot. love the eyes.

the song's hot!

Bella said...

thanks girl! i even got brave and played around with the colors and html lol and yes that is me up there, thank u so much for the compliments :)