Thursday, March 12, 2009

Foolish ♥

so me and my hunny are watching cage fighting together and we start talkin shit to eachother...

him: see that, that's how i'll do you rite there. just bust u in the forehead like PLOW!

me: uh-huh. go rite on ahead mufucka, i'll kick u in the liver, watch.

him: yeah rite. i hear ya talkin!

*we notice a mean left hook on tv*

OOOOHHH SHITT!! gooootttdaaayyyyuuummm!!

him: put yo ass in a headlock...

me: what? i aint NEVER scared.

him: put u to sleep. be in the papers like (insert my name here) was put to sleep by a headlock today. the alleged headlocker, (insert his name) had this to say...

*i cut him off*

me: "bitch left the kool aid jug empty again, shit..."

him: *bursts into teary laughter*

(i stay "forgetting" to make kool aid after i drink it all. but so does he! shit.)

now. im bout to go have me some confrontational sex :)



IntrospectiveGoddess said...

That was sweet, its so cute when you with your hunny and you watching something and laugh at the same thing or be play fighting and shit...well i dont know nothing bout that I'm just saying

*drops a tear* cuz I'm lonely...


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

i can actuall see that

Amber-Alert said...

yall are crazy and u kno u cant be leavin the kool aid jug empty girl lol

Anonymous said...

LOL "Bitch left the kool aid jug empty again" :D

and NICE main pic also

Me said...

lmao. girl. you are too funny!