Friday, March 6, 2009

My Mouth Won't Close

i...i...i... can't pick my jaw up. i'm speachless.


Anonymous said...

I am absolutely beside myself with shock and outrage! SHOCK AND OUTRAGE!!! That baker should be flogged and shamed... well, flogged anyway, since it's evident he's incapable of shame. I can certain understand your stunned reaction, Bella. Imagine, three dollars and fifty cents for a cookie!!!
Jesus, you have died in vain!


Bella said...

wilfredo. u know i love u. but i haaaaaate u at the same time lol

ShesTooMuch4Em said...

lmao@ Wil. He's an ass!

Anonymous said...

ShesTooMuch: Thank you? LOL! I've been hearing that a lot lately, so it must be so. Hahahaha!