Sunday, March 29, 2009

Well Alritey Then!!

you'd think this fool just scored a touchdown... or got some bomb ass pussy... or won the lotto... but nope. he just won a ping pong match.



Epitome said...

Maybe....the prize was alot of money?

I sure hope that is the case cause this is just damn ridiculous

Unknown said...

Wow, and here I was asking before viewing the video how bad could it be! "Surely, my bella Bella is exaggerating for comedy's sake," I said.
I owe you and apology.
For the record? If I EVER dance like that after scoring some divine pussy, I can be assured that it won't happened twice because Paradise will pull its gate down on me.

KIKI said...


WTF?! I'm not only mad that he thought it was that serious, but that he was actually WORKIN IT!!

And Wil..."If I EVER dance like that after scoring some divine pussy..." then yo prolly had you some Kiki. *wink*lol

KidNice said...

douche much

Bella said...

^^^^^ lmfao! what?? hahahahaha