Thursday, December 18, 2008

Leave The Weed Alone

Is there such a thing as high dialing? Similar to drunk dialing I suppose. Anyway I like to send my friends random ass text messages to amuse myself and I know one person who is more than likely just as high as me and willing to entertain my nonsense.

me: i wanna go on double dare.
ki: LMAO! can i be ur partner??
me: yes! we can play against (our men)! we will crawl around in a tub of brownie batter and grab the flag which will then release a bucket of kush. we can be the red team.

[random mid-conversation text]
ki: why am i at somebody else's xmas party gettin fucked up
me: cuz tis the season bitches! be merry!
[end random mid-conversation text]

ki: LMFAO! and u know we'll beat them.
me: i dont know man they got that height advantage. we mite have to grab some gulf clubs n go tonya harding on they ass.
ki: lmao. but im small & quick. and ur crafty.
me: yes! like riki tiki tavi! we will strike with the speed of a mongoose and vengence of a cobra!!
ki: lol! is christopher robin there with u?
me: oh but of course! :)

ki (2 hours later while i'm asleep): im super drunk @ somebody else xmas party textin on the dance floor like what.

I love my friends :)
sidenote: Christopher Robin is our little brother... which is really a blunt. It works because we can say "We have to watch our little brother" and nobody knows what the fuck we mean. If I recall correctly, we decided this one fine night while we were fucked up. I think I called her a piglet, so she called me Tigger... and then we looked at the blunt and named it Christopher Robin.
Wow. Now that I'm NOT high I realize I might need to leave the weed alone.

Ah but I won't.


RAEthoven said...

lmfao. this is why i refuse to smoke with louis. i might get outta character haha

Bella said...

yes but that could be extremely entertaining too, im sure yall would just laugh about it the next day like "yo high ass..." lmao