Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Get It Shawty... NOT.

Ooooh the wonderful world of myspace...

can't tell her nothin rite?
yall know this heffa had the audasity to caption this as "his model chick"?? and peep her shirt. yeah bitch you have to offer incentives for entertainment cuz im sure nobody wanna do that shit on their own free will.
i feel so illy to my stomach.
if you don't sit yo bad-back assless ass down somewhere. this wench name was "the money maker" umm... no. even the tattoo of her likeness looks sickly. this hoe gon be 80 years old with this shit on her body.

i'm so mad at her i can't even talk.
dude. i hate to tell you this. but that's NOT Hillary. grab your testes and run.


Famed. said...

lmfao ; myspace seems to have the most hideous people ever , facial challenged .

OB said...


I always wondered, who the hell takes this pictures of them hahaha it's funny to me, do they not look at their photos before clicking upload. Thus another reason why I hate myspace! haha

great read and lunch time laugh!