Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve "Tip" of the Day

ladies, put on a lil show for ya man tonite.
gentlemen, "tip" her accordingly.
happy new year ;)
p.s. i plead da fiff.


Yves said...

Oh my.

RAEthoven said...

welp first i need to learn how to do that.
and then i need to ship my man back here from mississipi lmao.

but happy new year be safe !

Bella said...

aw damn :( lol maybe this will help

1. in order to do that u need to get up on the ball of your feet (halfway in tippy-toe position lol) and kinda rock your knees back n forth and make a "figure 8" motion with ur hips.

2. once u get that down, if u have a video phone- shoot him a flick :)

Ava Dior said...

i say this a lot.
and i mean it with love.

you aint shit.

you got that belly dance thing down though. you're gonna have to teach me when I get up there.

Bella said...

@ ava: i know i aint shit so its all good lmao

yes i will teach u :) and ima teach u that wall dance too! hahahaha