Friday, December 12, 2008


I was braiding my daughter's hair last night, watching Tales from the Hood (on BET) and this McDonald's commercial comes on.

I didn't really pay attention to how it started, but when I heard the cashier say, "You want to work here?" and one of the little boys cheerfully replied, "Yeah! I heard the sky is the limit here! My neighbor worked here and now she owns 3 McDonald's!! Plus you guys give out scholarships!" and looked over at his brother and said, "Some day, this will all be ours!"

Okay. Stop it, just fuckin stop the madness. What the kind of goal is that to try and set up for our children? First of all, owning 3 McDonald's would take for fuckin ever. You have a long ass way to go from dropping fries to owning 3 McDonald's restaurants, okay? Second of all, how dare they encourage the youth to make a career out of Mickey D's. Mickey D's?? Come on now. And why have I never seen that commercial on NBC or CBS?? Why did they have to put 2 young Black boys on BET dreaming "big" about working at some fuckin McDonald's? Shame on you golden arches.

The only thing yall are guaranteed to produce out of an employment opportunity is a Dollar Menunaire because yall don't pay shit. So don't make commercials encouraging our children to aspire for "greatness" at McDonald's, that's pure bullshit. 

"The sky is the limit here!" Really though?

Yeah, I'd like to order a McMuthafuckaPlease with cheese okay?


RAEthoven said...

im not a fan of that commercial either ! it just rubbed me the wrong way

vexedmentals said...

fucking deaaaad. 100% agree though.