Monday, September 21, 2009

Paper Thin

this post is for my single ladies (no beyonce). first, yes thats MC Lyte in that pic and i dont wanna hear nothing about her pants... dont even act like... matter fact that's all i'ma say: DONT EVEN ACT. lmao

second, pay hommage. she was definitely one of the illest female emcees. do me a favor and scroll down, look to the right, and pause the homie nas real quick.


okay, now that we've got it quiet in here, i'd like to share some of the realest shit ever spit for the ladies. i think this song should just be re-released, like right now, for no reason. fuck worrying about gettin a ring put on it.

i'm also posting the lyrics just to help it sink in even more:

When you say you love me, it doesn't matter.
It goes to my head as just chit chatter
You may take this egostistical or just or worry free
But what you say I take none of it seriously
And even if I did I wouldn't tell you so
i'd let you pretend to read me
and then you'll know.
Cause I hate when one attempts to analyze.
That I despize those who even try
to look into my eyes to see what I am thinking.
That dream is over you gotta sink it.
And I tell all of you like I told all of them
what you say to me is just paper thin, word

I'm not the kind of girl to try to play a man out
I take the money and the gear and then break the hell out
No thats not my strategy, not the game I play
I admit I play game but it's not done that way
Truly when I get involved I give it my heart
I mean my mind, my soul, my body I mean every part
But if it doesn't work out, yo it just doesn't
It wasn't meant to be you know, it just wasn't
So I treat all of you like I treat all of them
and what you say to me is still paper thin
In one ear and right out the other
hurt is mumbo jumbo (eeeish) lover
I don't pay attention
I don't concentrate
you ain't got the bait
that it takes to hook this
a-hah, a-hah, a-hah
Sucker you missed, I put feelings aside I know who I am
My name is Lyte is your name Sam?
Cause if it is step off, grab your coat and get lost
Wrap your scarf around your throat and go back and catch a rope
And hit the road Sam, don't you come back
no more, no more, no more, no more
Hit the road Sam, don't you come back no more

So now I take precaution when choosing my mate
I do not touch until the third or fourth date
Then maybe we'll kiss on the fifth or sixth
time to be me *mmmuaah*
Cause a date without a kiss is so incomplete
and then maybe I'll let you play with my feet
You could suck the big toe and play with the middle
it's so simple unlike a riddle
It's as easy as counting to 1-2-3
in other terms, letters L-Y-T-E
I'll tell you, you, you and all of you
in the back and in the middle in the front
Yo, that's it paper thin word up

*bows head and raises fist*

this shit used to be my anthem i swear. hence the bolding of certain lyrics lol. alrite yall, just wanted to blow the dust off an oldie but goodie to share with my ladies :)


yours truly said...

thumbs up for this post.

tis all. :D

Bella said...

lol why thank ya :)

Kingsmomma said...

LYTE was that BI.... this was one of my fave songs

Epitome said...

I LOVE IT! MC Lyte was that bitch waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before it became cool to say "I'm that bitch" *clicks the facebook like button...I mean if blogger had one I would*

Epitome said...

OH! And by the waaaaay...LOVE the new blog layout! *facebook thumbs up again...if blogger had one* Loving the new new

Bella said...

@kingsmomma yesss! now these lil girls lookin up to nicki minaj. ugh.

Bella said...

@epitome: indeed she was! and thank you vury much twin :D

Unknown said...

(Looks around, nods)
Wow, I like what you done to the place!

Bella said...

thanks wolfie! :) i had to redecorate, i was sick of that silly lookin as skull in my background lol

Ava Dior said...

awesome awesome awesome!

Bella said...

thank u, thank u, thank u! lmao

simone_dior said...

man!!! u the best for this rightchea! paper thin is one of my fav old school joints. now I love salt n pep...but wasn't nobody fuckin with mc lyte back then. Nan! I said it. lol

Anonymous said...

Im so happy for you Bella. I said earlier in a post that I did on my blog, that I need to set aside time for me, find my inner peace. Your definitely making feel better w the things you've said.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

This is whats up! Its so common for women who are married or who are involved to assume that the only thing single women want is to just get married hands down, but that is so not true, single women are also on a journey to find ourselves while we figure out what we want in a man. MC LYTE's rhymes puts that no holds barred look at a chick who is head strong but also sensitive and giving, we have to protect our necks and our hearts....its hard out here for the single chick! So Kudos to you for having a man but still recognizing what us single girls go through!