Monday, September 7, 2009

The Streets Is Watchin

Okay as some of you may know I have another blog which is strictly sexual in nature (stories, tips, tricks, advice, etc...) and I had to set it to "invite only" because it was brought to my attention that when my government name is googled, that blog popped up as the 5th result.

I edited the post that was listed as the result (remove my name and email address), googled myself- it still showed up. So I then removed the post altogether, googled myself again- it still showed up. THEN I went into my setting and selected "no" for the option to allow search engines to pull your blog info... googled myself- and it STILL shows up!

And being that I'm in the midst of a search for a better job, I don't want any prospective future employers to decide to google my ass and see that. So for those of you who follow that blog as well as this one, and would like to continue to do so, please email me at and I'll send you an invite :)

P.S. the person who stumbled across that blog was my momma. LMAO! which i find more funny than embarrassing because my sister told me that she clicked off it with the quickness. wonder why.... hehe.


Anonymous said...

dayum this post made me go Google myself LOL thankfully nothing showed up (when I had Facebook that shit would pop up)

shoot me an invite plz ma'am

thehoustongirl [at] gmail [dot] com

gracias :D

Ava Dior said...

hahahaha @ your mom finding your naughty blog. thats hilarious!

Bella said...

@thehoustongirl: lol! okay i gotchu homie!

@ava: aint it? i was crackin up when my sister told me that. hehe

Anonymous said...

So I decided to google myself just for the hell of it. . .tell me why I'm the whole google page? I'm not just an option or one link. I'm all the links. Man o man, I'm no mysteryt. I really should stop going on sites

Bella said...

aw damn! or just change ur name on here hun, it mite not change whats already out there but atleast from this point on u can say stuff w/out worrying, u know? :)

Epitome said...

I told you on = the devil! its gotta be some way you can contact them or something to have it removed? I mean that shit has got to be illegal....right? Google gives TOO MUCH damn info...I can google a mutha fuckers house and BAM....I got directions to the door smh